Felt!…….and Christmas!

With daylight savings having just past and summer gradually nearing, its quite possible that knitting/crocheting with wool is far from your mind!

If you still haven’t tried our Morris And Sons Avalon 100%Pima Cotton, you really must! It’s truly lovely to work with, comes in a great range of colours and three different Plys.4ply, 8ply and 10ply.

Also, why not give felting a go! We have tons of great books in store now.  Many of our books feature projects that  are suitable for adults, children and would be excellent to do within the school holidays that are coming up soon.

NOTE: Needle felting tool should only be used under adult supervision!

The most commonly used wool for felting is roving. It’s soft, fluffy and comes in many different colours.

The darling little felted items below are all made from patterns in the May Blossom by Simone Gooding range. Be sure to check in store for more designs.

The cup cakes are perfect for pin cushions!

Some really cute felted animals books we have in store are Sweet Needle Felts and Fuzzy Felted Friends

Sweet Needle Felts by Jenn Docherty

And is it too early to bring up Christmas?? no i think not,  its fast approaching! So now is a great time to get all your Christmas projects and present making on the go!

We have several cross stitch kits for making stockings

Checking His List Stocking Kit
Hugging Penguins Stocking Kit

And lastly a great knitted toys pattern book, Jean Greenhowe’s Christmas Treasures

Happy Crafting!  🙂





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