2013 Classes Now Available


With the new year fast approaching many of you may be looking to learn a new skill or refine an existing one so we thought we’d post our class timetable for 2013 to help you out! We have classes available that cater to the needs of various skill sets from beginner to advanced. Our classes include a range of crafts:  knitting, crochet, cross stitch, tatting and embroidery. Pictured below are some of the projects you can undertake in class.


Classes available in our Melbourne store can be found at the following link: http://morrisandsons.com.au/c28_1721/ while classes available at our Sydney store can be found here: http://morrisandsons.com.au/c28_1720/

  learntoknitsockslearntoknitfairisleb  learntoknitlaceb learntoknitcables learntocrossstitch LearntoTatt learnembroidery  knitstage3b knitstage2b knitstage1 fitflatter  crochetstage2b crochetstage1 professionallyfinish

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