3 Handy Tools for Easier Pattern and Chart Reading

Doesn’t it drive you crazy when you’re working on your knitting or cross-stitch and it seems like you spend more time trying to find your place in your pattern or chart than actually stitching? Sometimes I wish I could upload the pattern into my brain and just be able to call up the next line to my mind without having to look away!

I have a sneaking suspicion that such a brain computer won’t be invented any time soon, but on the up-side, there are a few things already in existence that can make your life easier when you’re using patterns and charts.

Craft Light and Magnifier

Mighty Bright Vusion Craft Light

These are great for when the text is just that little bit too small, when the symbols on the chart all look the same, or when that lamp just isn’t bright enough! I should probably be more excited about the fact that I don’t have to hold it myself (I can just sit it somewhere and position its flexible arms), but to tell you the truth, I’m actually more excited that it’s battery operated! No more sitting only where there is a power point, or half tripping over a lamp cord when you forget it’s there (which I may or may not have done several times…)!

Sticky Note Flags


Some people like their books to show a bit of wear with use. I am not this kind of person! Up until recently, I’ve been reluctantly marking my patterns with a pencil so I’d be able to quickly see where I am up to. Now that I’m using these little translucent flags, I can just move them around the page and when I’m done there’s no knowing that the book isn’t brand new!

Magnetic Board

LoRan Magnet Board

Now, this is handy! If you put your chart on it, you can lean this magnetic board up against something so it is at the right angle for you to glance up and see the chart when you need to; hands-free. It also makes marking it easier, because it’s on a hard surface (although those sticky flags work on charts too!).


What things do you use that make your craft easier?



 ‘Canterbury’ counted cross-stitch – Juniper Designs

Mighty Bright Vusion Craft Light

LoRan Magnet Board

‘Knit Your Own Dog’ – Sally Muir & Joanna Osborne


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