Lovely Ladies’ Accessories

These scarves are pretty, feminine and just waiting to be added to your winter wardrobe!


Daisy Lace Scarf

Made using Grignasco Kid Seta 2 ply – a 70% mohair, 30% silk yarn – this scarf is deliciously soft and fluffy!


Daisy Lace Scarf


Isadora Scarf

A chevron scarf which sets of the colours of Morris Quartet 8 ply beautifully.


Isadora Scarf


Esmerelda Lace Scarf

Schoppel Wolle’s Lace Ball range includes some great colours – combined with this chevron lace pattern, this one is a winner!


Esmerelda Lace Scarf


Francesca Cabled Scarf

If you’re looking for a warm scarf for those frosty mornings, this is the one! Knitted in Morris Estate 14 ply.


Francesca Cabled Scarf


It was a beautiful day when we took these snaps of the scarves. Scarves and the outdoors are made for each other, so we will finish off by sharing these with you, too:





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