Gorgeous New Noro Ranges!

There was joy and excitement in the air…

Word had flown around the store that the new Noro yarn had arrived, and the staff were eager to rip into the boxes and see it with their own eyes.When they saw it, they were not disappointed!

So, without further a-do, we would like to present Noro Haniwa and Noro Kirara!

Kirara Together

Haniwa Together3

1Haniwa Curl Whole2

Noro Haniwa is a 10 ply blend of 50% silk, 30% wool and 20% nylon. The twists of colour in this yarn are beautiful!



Noro Kirara is an 8 ply blend of 51% wool, 29% cotton, 10% silk and 10% angora. There’s so much variety in colour in this range!





Now that you’ve seen the yarn, you should head over to a previous post of ours because some of the garments pictured are in Kirara and Haniwa and show you what these yarns look like knitted and crocheted up!

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