Weird and Wonderful Knitting for Animals

Shetland ponies are normally fairly adorable creatures. That factor sky-rockets when you add a cardigan! Imagine the time involved with all that Fair Isle, but even that by itself is stunning! The video below shows the ponies getting into their cardigans (with a little help, of course!).

Shetland Ponies in Cardigans

Sometimes knitting isn’t just for fashion. Battery hens which are rescued are often sadly missing many feathers due to other hens pulling them out in their boredom, as is explained in this article where UK school girls were knitting jumpers for rescued hens.

Chickens in Jumpers

Though there doesn’t seem to be an Australian charity looking for chicken jumpers, for anyone interested in dressing up their backyard chook on a chilly day, there was a suggestion on a poultry forum that these could make cute AFL jerseys, knitted in your team’s colours! There is a free pattern for one here.

A trend in cute ‘tortoise cosies’ and tortoise ‘yard finders’ is seeing reptilian friends better dressed than ever. Here are some examples from Katie Bradley’s Etsy store. You can buy patterns there, or order cosies from Katie – flick through her shop archive to see all the different cosies she has crocheted for customers in the past.

Stegosaurus Tortoise Cosies

Tortoise Yard Finder Flower

Pink Tortoise Cosy

Believe it or not, there is even a pattern for a rat sweater out there! Unfortunately, there isn’t a photo of it for us to show you how that would look!

For those who want to keep their pet dogs nice and warm in winter, we have a book available with 12 patterns for knitted dog coats. There are photos of all 12 patterns in ‘A Dozen Handknitted Dog Coats for Pampered Pooches’ on our website.

A Dozen Handknitted Dog Coats for Pampered Pooches


…And if you do happen to have a rat, we’re curious to see how that sweater looks!



Photo and video of the two handsomely dressed ponies are from the Visit Scotland website.

Photo of the chickens in jumpers is from an article from Kent Online.

Photos of tortoise cosies by Katie Bradley, from her Etsy store and store archive.


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