Owls Galore!

Have you seen our Winter Sale email or pictures on Facebook? If you have, you will recognise these cute little guys!


Owls on branch copy

Here are a couple more you might have seen on banners if you have been in store since the sale started:


Owl on Yarn Tower Shorter copy

Owl Wrapped in Scarf copy


Well, to celebrate our Winter Sale, we have 3 new patterns, all to do with owls!


This is Oswald. He’s an 11cm tall baby owl with a keen sense of adventure!





We also have two crocheted patterns; Oscar, the amigurumi owl who will hang out anywhere you like (literally!), and Oliver the coaster, who likes nothing more than helping you relax with a cuppa.


Oscar Owl2

Oliver Owl Coaster2


During our Winter Sale there’s 20% off yarn and patterns – including these. So don’t miss the opportunity to purchase what you need for your next project at a discounted price!

Morris and Sons Online Store

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