Squishy Fingerless Mittens in Manos Wool Clasica

Mittens 2 22.07.14

It’s so very cold in parts of Australia at the moment. Such weather calls for mittens, hats and scarves. In a three part series we’ll post one of each for free using the very lovely Manos Wool Clasica. With a bit of luck the winter will last long enough and we’ll squeeze in a snugly couch rug as well. The Manos Clasica comes in a variety of delectable colours. Fortuitously the Manos Clasica has a tension of between 14-18sts to 10 cm and recommends needle sizes of between 5.00-6.00mm. This broadens your choice quite a bit.

Mittens 1 22.07.14

To start us off, here is an easy and quick pair of mittens. These mittens are ideal for beginner knitters who want to take their skills up a notch. They are knit in the round and the thick yarn makes them a quick knit. Either mitten can be worn on either hand. Easy!


k-knit; p-purl; m1-make one; pm-place marker; sm-slip marker; dpns-double point needles.


1 hank of Manos Wool Clasica in a variegated or solid colour way. We worked quite sparingly with the yarn. If you are knitting a larger size we recommend you buy an extra hank of yarn.

4.5mm dpns and 2 stitch markers and a length of waste yarn.. If you are familiar with the magic loop method of knitting in the round , use a 4.5mm circular needle with an 80cm cord.

Directions (make two the same).

Cast/on 39sts. Close to work in the round being careful not to twist the stitches.

Work * k2, p1* rib for 8cm.

Thumb Shaping

Set up round: k2, pm, m1, p1, m1, pm, continue in rib pattern to the end of the row.

Round 1: k2, sm, m1, kto centre st, purl centre stitch, knit to marker, m1, sm, knit in pattern to the end of the row.

Round 2&3: Work the stitches as they present themselves, (ie knit the knit stitches and purl the purl stitches). Repeat last three rounds until there are 15sts between the stitch markers. Knit 2 more rows.

Next round: work to the first marker, remove the marker and slip the thumb gusset stitches onto a piece of waste yarn, remove the marker, cast on 1 stitch, and continue in pattern to the end of the round.

Work 12 more rounds in rib pattern as set. Cast off.

Finish Thumb

Pick up stitches from waste yarn. Pick up 3sts in the gap between first and last stitch of thumb. Distribute stitches on three or four needles. Work 6 rows in pattern as set. Cast off.

Mittens 3 22.07.14

Some hints on how to change the size of the mittens.

  1. Use 4.00mm needles instead of 4.5mm. This will make them a little smaller overall.
  2. The pattern repeat is 3 stitches. To make them smaller or larger subtract or add stitches in lots of three.
  3. For a larger thumb gusset repeat thumb increases until there are 17sts between the markers.
  4. For a smaller thumb gusset repeat thumb increases until there are 13sts between the markers.
  5. Although we have not experimented with this we think that using 8 ply yarn and 3.25mm needles will produce a child’s size.

We wish you lots of fun and experimentation! Let us know how you go and send us images we can post on Facebook. Clare couldn’t help herself and just had to model our sample pair.  A big thumbs up from her!

Mittens 4 22.07.14

Happy knitting and we look forward to presenting our Manos Wool Clasica Beanie to you soon!



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