The New World of Knitting Acronyms, Abbreviations and Words in general.

When did this whole new language start? Not completely sure if it was the advent of SMSing or computers, but it seems like it is definitely part of the new knitting world order. We thought that a blog post on what they all mean would be quite in order. As strange as we find this, we will respect it and educate ourselves. We hope that this will equip you with the language tools to confidently walk into the LYS and flaunt your knitting parlance.

And there you have it! LYS!?

LYS – Local Yarn Store.

LYSO – Local Yarn Shop Owner.

DPNs – Double Point Needles.

UFO – Unfinished Object.

KIP – Knit in Public.

WIP – Work in Progress.

CIRCS – Circular Knitting Needles.

FROGGING- ripping out knitting, from ‘rip-it, rip-it’.

TINK – is KNIT spelt backwards and means un-knitting.

TINKING – the act of un-knitting.

SABLE – Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy. Similar to the patchwork world’s, she who dies with the most fabric, wins.

SSS – Second Sock Syndrome.

KAL – Knitalong. Is when a few or many knitters knit the same garment in a given time period and sometimes for a particular cause or event or sometimes, just because.

WHACO – Wool Housing and Containment Overflow. No cure, sorry.

YARN BARFa big lump of yarn that accidentally gets pulled out of a new center-pull ball, when you’re trying to find the end.

If you really want to get into it and learn a whole new language there is a page on the  Ravelry Knitting lingo page. If there are any we should of, let us know.


Last blog post we were looking at Manos Wool Clasica. This yarn just grows and grows on us. Here is the hat we promised. You can find the pattern here. We used one skein and had quite a bit left over. Making it more slouchy, as we did, will not be a problem. Our sample is in colour 7458 Mulled Wine.

A little more colour for this blog post. Noro Haniwa. Find the pattern for the blanket and beanie here.

 Rust and Iron Garter Stitch Bias Blanket


Into the Woods Crochet Beanie for Babies

Cicero said, “A home without books is a body without soul”. There’s just one word to replace here, wouldn’t you agree?

Until we meet again.

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