How About Dyeing Something accompanied by a tumbler of Sangria?

How hard is it sometimes to find just the right colour? Why are we a little apprehensive about going down the dye-it- yourself route? It probably has something to do with the fact that the process of dyeing used to be a rather long drawn out process with different dye baths and mordants and fixatives. Really, what is a mordant anyway, when all you want to do is make something that was the wrong colour, the right colour? It becomes even more daunting when you get a little advise from an ‘expert’. Dyeing seems to be steeped in some kind of ancient magic and generally sends most people running to the hills. The possibility of a disaster always imminent! What if it does not turn out the right colour? General consensus relating to the last question is: LIVE DANGEROUSLY, GO OUT AND DYE SOMETHING!

That’s exactly what  Emily in Sydney went out and did. Below is her experiment.

Jacquard dye pots 2

These dyes are available in our Sydney Store only. More information on the dyes can be found here.

“I used Jacquard Acid Dyes in turquoise, sky blue, chartreuse, and teal. I mixed the dyes in small pots and then painted them on to the Sockenklecks . I then put sock wool in the microwave for 4mins each side.
I haven’t knitted it yet – I want to find a nice simple stitch or cable to make the socks. Maybe short socks and a pair of fingerless mittens!”

What a gorgeous colourway. We are really looking forward to seeing what Emily knits up out of this.

Blog Post Emily 3 14.04.14

Tumble Dyeing. This could be a lot of fun for everyone. We recommend this for a school holiday project. It’s probably the easiest dyeing process to date. Heaps of online tutorials and the instructions are real easy to follow. Emily and Co had a lot of fun with this one as well.

Bog Post 14.04.14

Emily Sydney

Emily with the yellow hat from our Sydney Store.
Favourite Craft – Knitting.
Current Project – Millennium jumper in green and Kate Davies tortoise and hate gauntlets.
Favourite Beverage while crafting – Sangria. Recipe here.
A bit about myself.
I grew up in Perth (no wool required) and moved to Sydney after living in Melbourne (Brunswick) for a few months in 2007. I have studied painting and drawing at CoFA and law and politics at UNSW. I intend on studying Science Communications at USyd. I like Vikings (especially Mexican ones :P), animals (foxes are the best) and the environment (esp. Re. Natural science). I learnt to knit when I was 4 and picked it up again when I was 15 – about 12 years ago. I teach socks, fair isle and beginners knitting. I also make dresses and clothes from vintage patterns and a keen dressmaker (and toy maker).