Morris and Sons Estate, 100% Australian Wool

Blog Post 3 22.04.14

‘I just want a stock standard, good quality, well priced, Australian wool, ball of yarn’. We hear this in our stores all the time. We may have mentioned this before, we aim to please and deliver. Enter, Morris and Sons 8 ply 100% Australian wool in 50 colours, Morris and Sons 4 ply 100% Australian wool in 54 colours (a dream come true for Fair Isle knitters, we think) and Morris and Sons 14 ply 100% Australian wool in 55 colours. The 14 ply yarn is the ideal yarn to get somebody started on the road to knitting bliss. There is no need to tell them about the pitfalls in this road just yet. Get them good and hooked. They’ll find out soon enough!

We were lucky enough to arm wrestle a very accommodating (thanks Mum) crocheter into crocheting us our Rainbow blanket using all the Morris Estate 8 ply colours. Winter is around the corner why don’t you give this a go. Watch it morph from a tummy warmer to a knee rug to a blanket big enough to cover a person or two on the couch.

Blog Post 22.04.13

And, as there will definitely be yarn left over you might want to keep your eye on this little work in progress. The pattern should be available soon. That’s if you want it?! Let us know via Facebook or leave us a message below whether we should write up the pattern.

Blog Post 22.04.14


A Little Promotion using Morris and Sons Estate 8 ply

To get you started we have teamed up with Jen from Little Yellow Cat to offer our readers a little promotion. She has designed a Fair Isle hat, the Katie Beanie, in Morris and Sons Estate 8 ply. The pattern for her Katie Beanie normally costs $6.00. Up until midnight on the 30 April it will be available to you for $3.00. Using the download discount code: morris2014

To take advantage of this offer go to Little Yellow Cat and click on “add to cart”. Don’t forget to enter the discount code morris2014 to get your pattern at the discounted price.

Brown beanie uses #8036 Egg Yolk, #8007 Chocolate and #8047 Fishing Green.
White beanie uses #8018 Posey, #8002 Voile and #8045 Canopy

Until the next time, here’s wishing you all a lovely week and as usual make time for needlecraft every day.


Hot Off the Needles: Jess’ Beanie

I love the feeling of finishing a project. Even though I’ve seen it in a basically finished form for a while; once it is off the needles it’s like it has been unveiled. Last weekend I finished this beanie (yes, that’s me in the picture…) and I was so pleased to have finished it that I kept it on my head for about 11 hours straight!


The pattern – ‘Intuitive’ by Julia Zahle is a free download on Ravelry. I chose to knit it in our Morris Empire 8 ply in Putty (#832) because it’s 100% Australian superfine merino wool and I love the feel. No scratchiness to be found!

Now for the artistic shot!


It’s fairly slouchy, but if you want to you can turn up the ribbing. I made it a little shorter than the pattern says because I’m fairly small and I didn’t want too much slouch. I’m pretty happy with how it has turned out!

I hadn’t knitted in a variegated yarn before and I think it works pretty well with this pattern, but I also wouldn’t mind giving it a go in a solid colour. Here are some that I’m considering:


These are also Morris Empire (I used two balls). The colours are:

The cream: #801 Chalk

The pale blue: #807 Freshwater

The dark green/blue: #820 Rainstorm

The pale olive: #818 Blackheath

It really goes with any colour – if you look at the pattern page on Ravelry, you can see more colours that Julia and others have knitted it in.

So how about you? Did you get much knitting or crocheting done over the long weekend? Did you finish a project? We always love to see what you’ve been working on – share a picture with us on our Facebook page!