Last Minute Knits

It’s happened to all of us. A friend’s birthday is upon us. It’s the end of the year and Johnny’s teacher needs a Christmas present. Your five year old wakes you up at 6 a.m and tells you that he has to bring a gift for the Principal as she is leaving. Other human beings (you’re not other human beings, you’re a knitter) would hop into their car, find the nearest gift store and within 10 minutes, beautifully wrapped, have the problem solved. You, on the other hand, have a whole different approach to this kind of dilemma. Us, who can make anything by hand, labor under the misconception that we can whip something up in no time at all. We really do believe it. While everybody around us thinks we’ve gone mad, we soldier on firmly believing that there is such a thing as a quick knit.

Today, we’re here to help. First of all, to clear up a couple of problems related to semantics.

A quick look in the dictionary. The word ‘quick’ does not relate to knitting at all. Never ever. Remember this. Have it tattooed on your arm. Quick: moving fast or doing something in a short time. No, not knitting. On the other hand: ‘last minute’. Now, there’s a statement that could work for knitting: the period just before a significant or concluding moment such as a deadline due date (that baby better not come before I finish this blanket) or scheduled event. Now, that sounds more like something that is doable!

Last minute gifts. One for when you have an evening and the other for when you have 15mins. Yes, 15mins.

Image100% Gentle Exfoliation Face and Body Washer

Make sure you have the following: 4.00mm knitting needles and 2 x 50g Morris and Sons Maya 8 ply 100% Cotton. Tension is really not important and your wash cloth will measure about 23cm square. Cast on 46sts.

Rows 1-4: knit.

Rows: 5-8: k3, *k4, p4, rep from * to last 3sts, k3. Rows 9-12: K3, *p4, k4 rep from * to last 3sts, k3. Rep rows 5 to 12 six more times.

Rows 57-60: knit. Cast off leaving last stitch on the needle.

For the loop, using last stitch, cast on 20sts. Cast off. Sew loop to base and sew away all ends.

Done and dusted. If there’s time, pick up a good soap.

Image              Image

Now to the 15 minute one. All the way from The Granny Square in Katoomba from the lovely Jenny.

Hakuna Matata

(the No Worries Necklace)

Image1 x Rosarios 4 Web and 1 x 12mm Tulip Bamboo Crochet Hook.

Make a row of chains until you run out of wool. Fold rope of chains into a three ring circle. Use yarn end and wrap around all three. If you have time, sew on any embellishment in form of a button or bloom. Seriously, you can do this while the family is having breakfast!

  ImageI hope we have helped solve some of those last minute moments. If you have any last minute anecdotes, share in the comments box. Send us pictures if you do make use of our last minute problem solvers. We love to see your work and we love hearing from you.