As Smooth as Silk

Guess what? We’ve just got in something amazing.

If the title didn’t already spoil it; it’s silk! But it’s not just a yarn with a small amount of silk in it. This is 100% silk! Debbie Bliss has released a range of 100% silk yarn fittingly called Luxury Silk DK and now we have it!


Luxury Silk DK


It’s so incredibly soft and has a beautiful amount of sheen. When you’re holding a skein of it, it feels regal.

The selection of colours isn’t expansive, but it doesn’t have to be – when you look at the range you can tell that each colour has been carefully chosen. If you look at any one colour, it just looks natural that it should be in silk. As always, Debbie Bliss gives you the best, and the colours in this range are not exceptions.

Not just the solid colours, either – there are six gorgeous variegated yarns that are just crying out “make me into something beautiful!”

Now, we’ve got a surprise for you. It’s not just the Luxury Silk yarn.

Oh, no. There’s more than that. There’s a pattern book too!


Luxury Silk DK Book


10 new patterns, all created for Luxury Silk DK yarn. Have a look at these!


Luxury Silk DK Patterns


Just lovely, aren’t they?

So, would you like to see the whole range? All of the colours? It’s just as well, because we can’t keep them to ourselves any longer!


Luxury Silk DK range