For The Love Of 2 Ply

We already have the slow food movement. Let us introduce you to the slow knit and crochet movement. A very odd comparison. We think not. A quick google search on the definition of 2 ply, confirmed that it is a very thin yarn that lends itself to fine cobweb knitting or crochet. Historically, we have visions of Shetland shawls passing through wedding rings. Babies wrapped in shawls, crafted patiently by great aunts from mother countries far and wide. Words like, tradition, unhurried and simple pleasures come to mind when creating with 2 ply yarn, minus the calories.

Come into any of our stores and enjoy the journey with our free crochet Silver Fox Scarf pattern in Morris and Sons Maya 2 ply lace weight 100% baby Alpaca Yarn


Click to download the Silver Fox Scarf

The new Rowan No 55 has arrived in store as well. Fortuitously it has some darling 2 ply patterns in it. We have a favourite on page 75. Come and see…….

Image     Image   Image

The beautiful Slovenia on page 75 is free to download when you register on the knitrowan website. We have pulled out the colours from our 2 ply alpaca range.

So, before you embark on that heirloom baby shawl put your toe in the water by trying smaller projects and fall in love with the joy that is working in 2 ply.

The Neck’s Big Thing

With it Summer may bring beaches, holidays, seafood and ice-cream, but Autumn has its own benefits to pride itself on. Experiencing the comfort of those soft, fluffy slippers that you would have sweltered in a couple of months ago… The crackle of a dry leaf when you step on it (you spotted it lying there and went for it, didn’t you?)… Enjoying hot drinks again for more than just their caffeine content…

Yep, Autumn isn’t half bad!

Do you know what else Autumn is good for? Scarves! It’s getting cool enough in the morning that they are nice to have on when you’re leaving the house. Because they are a fairly quick knitting project, if you wear your old ones in the mornings for now while you knit a new one, it can be ready for when it’s cool enough to wear it all day (and it won’t be long!).

We have some new scarf patterns that are really lovely, and when made in different colour combinations, look great on both men and women.


Crown Street Scarf

One of the Morris and Sons team, Adelaide, has been in London recently, and has seen a number of scarves being worn that look quite similar to this gem!

Crown St Scarf

Crown St Scarf2


Abe Scarf

The pattern for this scarf gives instructions for an adults’ and a kids’ size, so this can be knitted up for the whole family! Think of this black and white picture as a (nearly) blank canvas. Picture the colours you would knit this in for your kids, grandkids, husband or wife, and of course, what colours would you pick for yourself?

Abe Scarf


Landscape Scarf

Like the Crown Street Scarf, this is a nice, neat, thin scarf – but just because it isn’t chunky, doesn’t mean it isn’t warm! It looks particularly fine with a fringe on the ends, too!

Landscape Scarf

Landscape Scarf2

Landscape Scarf3


Keep on enjoying all the great things about Autumn, everyone!