Lovely Ladies’ Accessories

These scarves are pretty, feminine and just waiting to be added to your winter wardrobe!


Daisy Lace Scarf

Made using Grignasco Kid Seta 2 ply – a 70% mohair, 30% silk yarn – this scarf is deliciously soft and fluffy!


Daisy Lace Scarf


Isadora Scarf

A chevron scarf which sets of the colours of Morris Quartet 8 ply beautifully.


Isadora Scarf


Esmerelda Lace Scarf

Schoppel Wolle’s Lace Ball range includes some great colours – combined with this chevron lace pattern, this one is a winner!


Esmerelda Lace Scarf


Francesca Cabled Scarf

If you’re looking for a warm scarf for those frosty mornings, this is the one! Knitted in Morris Estate 14 ply.


Francesca Cabled Scarf


It was a beautiful day when we took these snaps of the scarves. Scarves and the outdoors are made for each other, so we will finish off by sharing these with you, too:




Fresh Spring Samples and a Fantastic Free Scarf Pattern!

Now that spring is here, we have some new lovely samples knitted up in store at York Street.

Using Grignasco’s Champagne and pattern #008 from Knitting Notes (shown below) the lovely blue top was created.

Grignasco Knits – Knitting Notes (42313)

Front View

Back View

and another  lovely Grignasco design! But from the book Knitting An Italian Day

Grignasco Knits – Knitting An Italian Day (42312)

“PAUSA” pattern from Grignasco Knitting An Italian Day (42312) Front View

“PAUSA” Back View

Back Detail …..This is a better colour representation of the yarn used!!

Noro Magazine Premiere Issue – Fall 2012 (41572)

This fantastic new addition to our magazine collection… Noro Magazine’s Premiere Issue. It’s packed with great knits ranging from more simpler starter projects to patterns for the more advanced knitter. Something for everyone! The Man’s slouchy hat  featured in the magazine was knitted up by the lovely Bel here at York Street. She used two different colours of  Noro Kureyon to create this design.

Front View

Side View

The image below shows how the beanie is worn in magazine

(On Page #50 of magazine)

And now we have a fantastic and versatile free Ayr Scarf Pattern just for you. It’s a fantastic stash buster only using 1 or 2 balls. We’ve done it in Morris Norway 14ply, Noro Taiyo 10ply and Schoppel Reggae Ombre 12ply yarn and it looks great every time!

Ayr Scarf in Morris Norway

Ayr Scarf in Noro Taiyo

Ayr Scarf in Schoppel Reggae Ombre

The Measurements:

Morris Norway scarf 14 x 180 cm

Noro Taiyo scarf 16 x 150 cm

Schoppel Reggae Ombre scarf 16 x 223 cm

What You’ll Need:

2 balls Morris Norway 14ply (120m / 100g) Colour # 2402

or 1 ball Noro Taiyo 10ply (200m / 100g) Colour # 10

or 2 balls Schoppel Reggae Ombre 10ply (100m / 50g) Colour # 2133

1 pair 10.00mm knitting needles

1 wool needle

The Abbreviations:

K:    knit

Kfb:    increase by knitting into the front and the back of next st

LH:     left hand

Patt:   pattern

Rep:   repeat

RH:     right hand

St/s:   stitch/es

Trf:   transfer

Tog:   together

The Pattern:

Cast on 20 sts using lace cast on. (A lace cast on is similar to a cable cast on but the RH needle is inserted into each stitch as if to knit instead of behind each stitch.)

Row 1: K1, kfb, K to last 3 sts, K2tog, K1

Row 2: K

These 2 rows form patt. Rep patt until work measures desired length, allowing at least 180 cm of yarn for cast off.

Cast off using the lace cast off. (To work lace cast off, K2, * tfr these 2 sts back onto LH needle and K them tog, K1, rep from * to end. Pull yarn through last st to secure.)

Using wool needle, weave in ends.

Happy Knitting!